Medlemskap / membership; info in ENGLISH

Her er litt info (på engelsk) om hvordan man betaler medlemskap… Petter Fossans anmodning til engelskspråklige spillere


 we are very happy to have so many people coming to our chess club Stavanger Sjakklubb on Mondays!

We are especially happy to have a lot of new people coming to the club!

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how the club is being run, please do not hesitate to contact anyone of us!

 We would like to have you all as members of the club:)

As a member you are allowed to participate in the club tournament on Mondays (with different prizes at the end of the season!),

we will also see to it that you are enrolled in the Norwegian Chess Federation (NSF) which entitle you to (and is normally also requirement) to participate in most of the tournaments in Norway.

The membership fee in Stavanger Sjakklubb (including also automatic enrollment in NSF) for the rest of 2014 will be NOK 500.

 We appreciate your payment of NOK 500 to Stavanger Sjakklubb’s account no. 3201.08.91581.

 To be sure that we have the correct information to have you properly registered we would also appreciate

your registration of personalia in the enclosed excel file and return to Treasurer Per Blikra.

 Best Regards

on behalf of Stavanger Sjakklubb

Petter Fossan


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